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ResetBIO Ketone Shift with KetobaT (Black Cherry Almond - 164 g )

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  • Brand: ResetBIO
  • Product Code: 29510201
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Induce ketogenesis in a whole new way with Ketone ShiftT made with KETOBAT Activated Ketones. Energy, focus, stamina and blood sugar clearance are just some of the many benefits. Formulated to taste great, Ketone ShiftT from ResetBio will NOT cause gastrointestinal distress or load you up with unwanted sodium. Sports Performance - non-stimulant energy and endurance; anti-inflammatory; minimal lactic acid build-up, fast recovery. Ketogenic Diet Support - ketogenic diet benefits without strictly following ketogenic eating guidelines Nootropic - ketones promote mental clarity and focus - shows promise as substitute for ADHD drugs in some cases Diabetic Support - supports healthy blood sugar levels without hypoglycaemic outcome

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