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AMS - Bottles - Perfume Vial (6 per pkg)

This sleek glass vial has a light mist spray top and is the perfect purse size. Simply unscrew the t..


AMS - Organic Vegetable Oils - Cocoa Butter

A chocaholic's dream !  This yummy  butter is a pure edible vegetable fat extracted from t..


AMS - Organic Vegetable Oils - Mango Butter

This luscious unrefined butter is renowned for its skin softening, moisturizing and protective prope..


AMS - Organic Vegetable Oils - Shea Butter

This wonderful gift of nature comes from the Karite tree grown in Africa, and is widely used in cosm..


BACH Rescue Remedy (Drops - 20 ml) 2-Pack

The original Bach Rescue Remedy Rescue Remedy is a combination of five of the original Bach Flow..


BACH Rescue Remedy (Spray - 20 ml) 2-Pack

Rescue Remedy Spray has been used successfully on stressful days where we suffer from impatience, te..


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